Advice To President Buhari To Close BBC Hausa First , Before Closing Radio Biafra


Claims that President Buhari made anti-Igbo comments during an interview on the BBC Hausa Service is a very bad development for Nigeria, according to a statement issued by the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity Garba Shehu.

The recent accusations were made on the pirate radio station Radio Biafra, which was supposedly shut down by the Nigerian government three days ago. However, the latest reports say that the radio station continues to broadcast in the southern part of Nigeria.

Please Mr. President this call is coming from the Niger Delta youths, this amount to injustice to the people for the President to be addressing only a section of the people in the country, it was the whole country that agreed that you become the president of this country, because you have huge support from your Northern kin mens does not make you favour your Northern Brothers more than other regions, remember that the resources you is now putting in the hands of your kins men are from our land the Niger Delta account for 90% of Nigeria budget, so you must respect us and stop your bias and partiality to the people of the South,what are calling you to do is fight the Boko Haram, he said in your campaign that you will wipe out Boko Haram in 60 days, but up till now nothing have been done to stop the killing of innocent Nigerians, Oga sir face your job and with determination, because Nigeria of today is not the Nigeria of 1983, technology talks now, not in the dark ages of Idiagbon, we are not fools, we are watching, time is everything, don’t waste time, a good and transparent President must be Just, open, up right, loyal to the people of hos country by operating in accountability and on good governance, you must not limit your appointments to only people from your family and region, to one section of the country, it is not only the North that need to benefit from oil resources of the Niger Delta, attention must be given to everyregions and all groups, the President is for everyone, both for the poor and for the rich, for the North and for the South, for Big and the small, please sir correct this error quickly or more people will be dismay and confused with the direction Mr. President is leading the Nation to, Presidents come, Presidents go, the Nation remain, Your excellency sir, fulfill your campaign promises so that the average Nigerian can have food on their table, there are no Jobs for the Youths almost 40 million about 70% of youths men and women are unemployed in Nigeria, the women are all suffering and crying, the children are dying of hunger and pain, many are being killed by Boko Haram, Mr. Buhari you are still smiling, what are you doing? sir you have to do something urgent you have to appoint Ministers and focus on your job to better the lots of Nigerians who elected you to lead this Nation.

Thank You Mr. President, I wish you all the best. But forget about closing down Radio Biafra, better you start with BBC Hausa this injustice must stop.

Fight Corruption, Fight Poverty, Fight Hunger in Nigeria and Africa.


2 thoughts on “Advice To President Buhari To Close BBC Hausa First , Before Closing Radio Biafra

  1. Prisident Buhari is doing the best thing.Change cannot come over night.It will take time before he will repair the damage caused by Jonthan.I support the closure of any radio station that brocast tribal hetred becuase such sentiments are capable of cuasing genocide as in case of Rwanda.


  2. Am here to ask northerners and Your as. 1. Is it a curse for one to look for freedom? 2. Is it a curse for one who served u overy 37 years to ve freedom. 3. what are u gaining from us that will make you not to free us. It will be hot if we got it with arms. So Mr president think twice.


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